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Victorian Officers Dirk To the Highland Light Infantry

This is a real beauty and my photos don't do it justice! It is 18inches long and the main dirk blade is 11 inches.It is to a volunteer battalion and was probably owned by an officer called Bennet. The condition throughout is excellent.The blades with little signs of wear the gilt extremely good The Stones with good original deep colour, all studs present in the handles. The HLI Badge to the locket in silver and rose gold. This is a real treasure. Retailed by Andersons and Sons George Street Edinburgh. If Paying by Paypal please add 5% to the purchase price

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Victorian The Queens Edinburgh Militia Officers Cross Belt Badge

Saving the best till last again! A Beautiful example of this super scarce Cross Belt Badge. Over 3 inches in diameter in solid silver gilt and enamels. The star of the Order of the Thistle in deep hobnail pattern to the centre in gilt the motto and thistle. Four screw posts to the rear. it weighs 50 grams
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The 93rd Sutherland Highlanders Victorian Dirk Belt Clasp

A plain curved gilt plate on this a spray of thistles withing this an oval strap "Sutherland Highlanders" to the top an early Victorian Crown to the centre XCIII below this a circle with St Andrew on cross. A lovely bit of History from The Thin Red Line!
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The Leinster Regiment Officers Home Service Helmet Plate

One of the nicest plates I have seen.Kings Crown Worn 1901-1908 the gilt is immaculate and the badge beautifully made. A real Gem in great condition
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London Scottish Rifle Volunteers Officers Plaid Brooch

A Superb example of this plaid brooch worn from1859 in silver or silver plate being a silvered quoit on this two sprays of thistles with Scroll to bottom LSRV to the centre the Lion Rampant stout fastener. Retailed by Morton 23 Oxford Street London
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The Kings Own Scottish Borderers WW1 Economy badge in brass

These were worn from 1916 onwards due to shortages in nickel for the white metal variant 2 lugs to reverse

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The Kings Own Scottish Borderers Officers WW1 Glengarry or Cap badge

A nice darkened brass or bronze example for service wear during WW1 2 lugs to rear

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The Kings Own Scottish Borderers Post 1901 Officers Cap badge

A Fully fretted unmarked silver example with a Kings Crown in excellent condition 2 lugs to rear.

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Victorian1st Aberdeen Rifle Volunteers Glengarry and Bonnet badge

This is Bloomer P87 a badge worn briefly between 1880-1884 nice genuine badge with 2 lugs to reverse
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Victorian 2nd Highland Company 1st City of Edinburgh Rifle Volunteers

Glengarry badge worn c 1860 3 lugs to reverse in lovely condition Motto means Highlanders Shoulder to Shoulder
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Victorian The Tees Division Submarine Miners Officers Waist Belt clasp

Scarcer than hens teeth The Submarine Miners were formed as part of the Royal Engineers with specific duties to protect Ports and Harbours in this case most likely North Shields. You will never see another!
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The London Scottish Volunteers Victorian Waist Belt Clasp

Originally formed from the London Scottish Rifle Volunteers formed in 1859 They became the 14th Battalion the London Regiment. This is a very early clasp with the matching number 4 on each piece of the clasp
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Victorian Liverpool Scottish (8th Vol Battalion) Kings Liverpool Regiment Officers

A Nice original probably an officers as it was made by Firmin & Co London and Birmingham. Matched numbers 402. Formed in 1900 they became the 10th Battalion Lancashire Regiment and in WW1 The Medical Officer was Noel Chevasse VC and Bar one of only 3 men ever to win a bar to the VC.

Code: 50792


The Scottish Rifles Victorian 2nd Volunteer Battalion Helmet Plate

Nice genuine badge in white metal with 2 scrolls below bugle horn "2nd Volr Battn" The Scottish Rifles" 3 lugs to rear 4 inches X 4 Inches. Originally the 16th Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers they became the 2nd Volunteer Battalion in 1887

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93rd Sutherland Highlanders Officers Glengarry badge

This is Bloomer238 a gilt badge worn between 1879-1881 2 lugs to rear

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Queens Edinburgh Rifles Victorian Officers Cross Belt Badge

A good example in blackened metal a bit darker than the photos. Having Edinburgh Castle to the centre in a strap with the motto" Nisi Dominus Frustra 2.5inch diameter

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Royal Scots Fusiliers Victorian Officers Waist or Dirk Belt Plate

Superb belt plate in silver and gilt

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Kings Own Scotish Borderers 2nd Battalion Victorian Blue Cloth Helmet Plate

A very nice example of the plate worn from the 1880s to 1901 in White metal. Scroll to Bottom "2nd Volunteer Battalion" Formed from the 1st Berwickshire Rifle Volunteers in 1880 in 1908 became the 4th Volunteer Batallion KOSB Two loops to rear

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The Black Watch Victorian Blue Cloth Helmet Plate

A very nice genuine example of the Helmet Plate worn in the 1880s through to 1901 as Bloomer (Page 65) 3 copper loops to rear.

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31st Foot The Huntingdonshire Regiment Officers Crimean period Shoulder Belt Plate

A rare item this one. The 31st (Huntingdonshire) Regiment became the first battalion the East Surrey Regiment in 1881. This plate was worn from 1847 to 1855 The plate is mentioned in Parkyn but not illustrated In extremely good condition. If paying via Paypal please add 5% to your total

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